Some recent empties. No in-depth tasting notes. They were all fine, the M&S Montepulciano was particularly rich, and the Porta Carmenère was beefier and less leafy and even more enjoyable than I expected. This latter is a wine that Taserra in Dublin have inserted into my local supermarket through the good offices of former Bubble Brothers employee Brendan Crotty. Keep up the good work, Brendan. Not shown - don't want people to think we sell wine or anything - are Bubble Brothers' own sublime Brightwater Sauvignon Blanc from Nelson, NZ and Goedverwacht's smooth'n'smoky Acre of Stone Shiraz. I was really pleased with my choices there.

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  • Julian
    Hi Donal, I’m with you on that – if we’re talking about the same stuff. The big reds from the south of Italy, like Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (here, Montepulciano is the grape) deserve a bigger following, especially as the weather gets glummer. (There is also, unhelpfully, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano (here Montepulciano is a place-name) made in Tuscany, usually from a Sangiovese grape.) M&S are pretty much on the ball wine-wise, as far as I can tell. My sister-in-law buys the odd bottle there and mostly they’re great value.

  • Donal
    Oh it’s the d’Abruzzo variety alright. It’s one wine I’ll never forget after the effect it had on us. It used to be the house wine in Milanos, think it’s second on the list now.

  • Donal
    I’ve been a big fan of Montepulciano ever since a meal in Milanos about 5 years ago. It’s powerful stuff! I’ve seen it in a few shops but I didn’t realise M&S have it.

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