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We do not currently sell cigars online

Please call 021 431 6000 for more information—or call to our English Market Shop and see our selection for yourself.

For excellent cigars in the centre of Cork city, visit our shop in the English Market and choose from a range of Cuban and other classic cigar brands, including (subject to availability):

Ramón Allones
Romeo y Julieta
H. Upmann
Villa Dominicana

You'll also find a variety of other cigars, pipe tobacco, McChrystal's snuff, and accessories such as matches and cigar cutters, to suit most tastes and budgets.

There isn't a dedicated specialist cigar shop or tobacconist in Cork, but our carefully stored selection offers a good choice, from less expensive cigars up to deluxe styles at fifty euro a piece or more.

Styles and availability vary, but we are happy to help with larger orders, for example for wedding parties, or if you need information or advice about cigars not currently in stock.

720. Can I purchase Cuban-origin cigars and/or Cuban-origin rum or other Cuban-origin alcohol while in a third country (i.e. not Cuba)?

Here is the advice of the US Department of the Treasury, from the Office of Foreign Assets Control:

Persons subject to U.S. jurisdiction may purchase or acquire Cuban-origin merchandise, including alcohol and tobacco products, while in a third country for personal consumption outside the United States. Please note that effective September 24, 2020, authorized travelers may no longer import such products into the United States.  For a complete description of what this general license authorizes and the restrictions that apply, see 31 CFR § 515.585(c) and (d).

Date Released September 23, 2020