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    We like a big bottle of wine as much as the next person. In this section you will find our selection of red, white, rosé and sparkling wines in magnum bottles, which contain twice as much as a standard 75 cl wine bottle.

    Man next to tall bottle of wine sculpture

    The magnum is the format of choice at champagne tastings because it's felt to be the ideal size for conditioning the wine as it ages.

    For practical purposes, though, a magnum is impressive without being too ostentatious, and if you have a few people together it gives them all a chance to enjoy exactly the same wine, with only one cork to pull.

    The magnums we stock are from suppliers whose wines are always in demand—the ones where there never seems to be enough in the standard bottle.

    There's usually a small difference in price between two 75 cl bottles and the corresponding 150 cl magnum, because the bigger bottle and its label and so on are special items, but the extra euro or two is worth it for the sense of occasion when the big bottle makes its appearance.

    9 products
    Altanza, Rioja Reserva magnum 2017
    Bodegas Altanza
    A delicious blend of winemaking tradition and international appeal.
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