Vouchers and Gift Cards

Current gift cards

How do your gift cards work?

You can choose a gift card online or buy one at our tills.

All gift cards bought from us online or at our tills now have a sixteen-character code, which is valid for purchases online and at our Cork premises.

If you buy a gift card online, you'll receive an e-mail containing your code at the e-mail address used in the order. This code can be forwarded by e-mail, copied into a greeting card or otherwise transferred to your intended recipient.

If you buy a gift card at our tills, you will receive a paper receipt showing the gift code. We can, if you wish, at the same time send the details on by e-mail to an address of your choice.

What values are available?

Gift cards bought at our tills can have any value on request. Our website offers the most popular denominations: €25, €50, €100 and €250. You can send more than one card to make up a specific value as needed.

What do I do if I've lost my gift card?

We don't have access to gift card codes once the gift card has been issued, but for gift cards bought online we can re-send the full code to the e-mail address used by the original purchaser.

Historic gift cards

What about old vouchers and gift cards?

You may have a Bubble Brothers voucher or gift card code in an older format, such as BB-123456-Z (or similar), or with a three-digit code. Our website and tills do not recognize these codes, but we may be able to convert old vouchers into the current format.

Exchanging older vouchers and gift cards

If you have a voucher in one of these older formats, we may be able to exchange it for a current gift card at our discretion.

If you'd like to check the status of a code, or ask about any voucher or gift card matter, please do so by sending us a quick e-mail.