It's not a wine tasting – it's a wedding

Wine shouldn't be the first item on the long to-do list.

It’s important, though, to get the wine right, so do make time for a little pleasurable research before things get too busy. If you’re taking the trouble to make all the other details of the day special, why not get some expert help with your wine, along with the flowers, the outfits, the rings and all the rest?

Don't think twice about dropping us a line if you have a question (even if we've already answered it here).

We have years of experience

We'd love to help you pick just the right wines for the big day, whether the occasion is bringing together fifty people or five hundred, and whether or not they’re normally wine drinkers.

Budget matters
so there are some numbers to bear in mind. We suggest you allow a half a bottle per adult attending the meal. Of course there are usually one or two who’ll drink more than that; but there are usually one or two who don’t drink much at all, and when they’ve cancelled each other out, the average doesn’t vary much.

Do you accept returns?
If you want to take an extra case or two to be on the safe side, you’ll have a ready supply of last-minute thank-you presents should you need them, and no need to worry about running out. Alternatively, we are happy to take back unopened cases if you really can’t think of what to do with some extra wine.

How much red, how much white?
Half and half or thereabouts is a safe bet. Sparkling wines go just a little further than still, and with careful pouring you can reckon on six glasses from a bottle of fizz. Again, it’s no great inconvenience to have some leftovers.

Do you offer discounts?
If you think in twelves, you can usually look forward to some kind of offer from most merchants. We'll be happy to discuss the details with you depending on your final choice, and as with most independent merchants, nationwide delivery is part of what we offer to make sure you get the wines you want.

How much should we spend?
Although you don’t always get what you pay for, price is a good initial guide to quality. More than half the price of a nine euro wine in Ireland goes in taxes; but if you spend a little more, much more of your money goes into wine, not overheads.

When you’ve done your sums, visit a couple of specialist wine shops, maybe a couple of supermarkets too, and collect a few sample bottles that fit the bill. Then get a group together to investigate. There are always friends and relatives who’d like to be involved in the planning, and it’s easy to offend… but inviting their opinion on the wines is a great way to give them a part to play and build the excitement with a social evening.

How should we choose the wines?
Taste whites against whites at one get-together, and then the reds on a different occasion, and maybe even have a brunch for the sparkling contestants. Keep notes. They don’t have to interrupt the craic. Take pictures, video, use a voice recorder, but do make a note somehow of everyone’s points of view. Even if you’re sure you’ll remember, you’ll be glad you did.

What about food matching?
Remember everyone’s tastes differ, so there’s no right or wrong – though if you have a good idea of the menu and  the crowd you’re catering for, certain combinations will naturally suggest themselves once we start talking.

If you’re planning a buffet meal, or choosing lighter foods for a summer wedding, you shouldn’t overlook ringing the changes with modern dry rosés, or lighter, fruity reds like those from Beaujolais, which are often more refreshing and a better accompaniment to a variety of foods.

A more traditional and formal sit-down dinner will usually complement wines with more depth of flavour, whether you plump for the classics or discover something new and different to please your guests; and if you decide on a barbeque or hog roast, then the big flavours of wines from the New World can really come into their own.

For the toasts
Whether it’s proseccocava or champagne… well, we are Bubble Brothers, after all.

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