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    Malbec, originating from southwest France's Cahors region, has a storied history dating back to Roman times. In Cahors, it yields wines with deep colour, robust tannins, and intense dark fruit flavours, often accompanied by an earthy undertone.
     However, it found global fame in Argentina, where the sunny climate nurtures Malbec into wines bursting with ripe fruit, plush texture, and smooth tannins. Argentina's Mendoza region, in particular, has become synonymous with Malbec, showcasing its adaptability and producing approachable yet complex wines. Together, these regions highlight Malbec's versatility and contribute to its status as a beloved grape variety worldwide.

    13 products
    Los Arboles, Mendoza Malbec 2022
    Navarro Correas
    A great, tasty food wine with soft, lingering flavours.
    Miravalles Estate, Mendoza Malbec 2022
    Miravalles Estate
    Smooth, fresh Mendoza Malbec—perfect with a steak.
    Château l'Enclos, Pomerol 2019
    Château l'Enclos
    Dark, fine and fruity Pomerol—very popular with the critics.
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