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    Sometimes a half bottle is just more convenient. We offer a carefully considered selection of wine in half bottles, ideal for picnics and lunches. When our 375ml table wines come from our existing suppliers, these are wines that we regularly recommend and sell in the full bottle size too.

    Some of the wines below, however, are available only as half bottles—these are usually the most scarce and luxurious of dessert wines.

    16 products
    Ginrei Gassan Sasara Tsuki Junmai sake 300 ml
    Gassan Shuzou Co. Ltd
    Gently sweet and rounded junmai sake.
    Ozeki Classic Junmai sake 375 ml
    Ozeki Sake
    Dry, earthy, full-bodied junmai sake.
    Kikumasamune Junmai Kojo Freshly Pressed sake 300 ml
    Light, smooth and fresh sake—just a little wild.
    Kikusui, Honjozo Karakuchi sake 300 ml
    Smooth, dry, medium-bodied Honjozo sake.
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