Wine for Breakfast - Wine Blogging Wednesday 53

I suspect the WBW crowd are holding their event much more frequently than once a month: that's what it feels like. So, once again, here's a half-hearted effort a day late, given glitter by Twitter, whose denizens chipped in to let me know what they'd dunk their toast and marmalade in, should camellia wilt or coffee blight do for their regular starting brew. To show willing, I had a go at what was open at home this morning. Neither of the following about which more information may be found by clicking the pictures, splendid in their own right, is to be recommended as an accompaniment for jam on toast while the dawn choruses (the Mosel, by the way, was a gift from a visitor who is the intended of the winemaker: ie, we still haven't any German wine on the list - but some ideas): regnerytrullari Damien Mulley It has to be a red of some sort. Sabrina Dent Champagne, silly. Anthony Creswell A true spicy Alsace Gewurtztraminer to get the day off to a zingy start! Anthony Creswell (following my suggestion that the Gewurz is a meal in itself, needing no accompaniment) Ahhh, but then I would have some of our smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, garnished with our bacon! Or Gravadlax perhaps! Curious Wines Don't know how wine could be stomached that early! rt: @sonadora Sabrina Dent (on learning that sparkling wines are ineligible) Err, light fluffy white? I could not drink red for breakfast. it would kill me.