Wine and food matching tags, part one

My thanks to Will Knott for this link, which varies a theme that's been playing in the background for a while: that of reinforcing the links between Bubble Brothers' range of interesting wines and the exuberant development of 'food culture' in Ireland, in the hope that the new found courage allowing lemongrass or salad potatoes or boerewors to be bought and sold might extend to, e.g., swapping the Shiraz for a Prieto Picudo, or the Veuve Cliquot for a Tsarine. Here's the link - drink recipe tags tied to the neck of the drink But what about easy food recipes tied to the neck of the wine... I have a cunning plan, along the lines of: we lend a food blogger a bottle of something, and they invent or suggest (with due respect to copyright and all that) a simplish recipe for food matching with that wine, that we can cut and paste on to a tag that gets tied to the neck of the bottle, or put in a dispenser on the wine rack, or something. I know big (Spanish) wineries sometimes add recipes to the bottle - but would the local, blogly, small-scale element increase or diminish the appeal of the end result? Food bloggers - dear readers generally, whaddya think? Would it be worth it for you as a customer? Should we make a competition out of it, or is a bottle for a recipe a fair deal? What should the tag look like? Does anyone except me keep all these little scraps of printed information against the day when a jar of the smoked Andalucian water pumpkins, essential for the authentic taste, appears in the cupboard?