Whassup? this bank holiday weekend

Hosford's Garden Centre are hosting a farmers' market. There'll be puppet shows, composting demonstrations, and of course all those great plants. You might consider a spot of guerrilla gardening to brighten up a corner that no-one seems bothered about. Lidl and so on have super-cheap annual seeds that they're trying to get rid of as May begins. Chuck a packet of eschscholzias about while you walk the dog (or something native, if you think that's greener). And, while my benighted views on progress don't merit airing on the subject of whether building buildings is a good idea or not, I do like the mass planting of heartseas-y violas on the road side of the new shop'n'officeopolis of City Gate, Mahon. I wonder who thought of that sweet bit of micro-landscaping, and was allowed to do it. Not so sure about what look like three standard roses in the same scheme. If you're in Blackrock, Cork, you should try to get along and support the outdoor markets at the Pier, which are now weekly on Sundays from 10am-2pm. The Natural Foods Bakery blog has the full s.p. If you do go, leave a comment on the blog and let the natural fooders know what you thought. If you are elsewhere in Ireland, check out the Fresh Food map to see what might be going on in your area, sale of vegetables and so on-wise. I'll be at URRU Mallow this afternoon from about three-ish, to help introduce the people to Louis de Bélair's light (yet profound) Dauphin de Rozier, which we continue to offer at two for twenty euro. If you do buy a bottle, from now on, as I'll keep repeating, you can give your opinion on the Bubble Brothers site. The comments are subject to moderation, but I'll publish everything that's not obvious junk or gratuitously offensive, &c. I'll be talking to LouderVoice to see how this might fit in with their much more magnificent service. In the meantime, keep everybody up to date this weekend by texting your reviews of things generally to LouderVoice.