Vodafone - is anybody listening?

For at least a year now, I have been asking Vodafone to amend their website, which shows a telephone number 'belonging to' Bubble Brothers. I have done this as often as my strength and patience have allowed: once every ten weeks or so, I imagine. The consequence of the error is that we get calls from people expecting to speak to the long gone Zoocom shop on Georges Quay, Cork. I try to sell them wine instead of telephones as consolation, but nobody is really happy with the arrangement. At this stage I have spoken to three really earnest, personable and apologetic agents at Vodafone, all better at customer service by telephone than I think I could ever be, who have promised to do all in their power to make this small change happen. On each occasion I made the threat of legal action a little louder. The final instalment was when I was told Good News: we'll make the change for sure this time; Bad News: you'll have to wait a little while because the change will be part of a complete website overhaul. Grand, I said, I look forward to it, and thank you for the small credit promised to us by Vodafone in recognition of the inconvenience caused. I note today that hurrah! the website has been upgraded! and boo! hiss! snarl! The non-existent Georges Quay shop and our phone number have just been copied from the old site to the new one. Collapse of stout party. Where do I go from here? UPDATE: Nuisance speedily fixed by blogpower. See comments. Brilliant, thanks all.