The love bug

Ok lovebirds, we have a small something for you. Print out the flyer below and hand it in next time you buy a bottle of our Prosecco-like sparkling rosé from us (English Market or Marina). We will give you, for free, a bag to put it in (as pictured) and also give you, for free, a small, exquisite chocolatey gift to accompany it (not necessarily exactly as pictured, but the real deal, hand-hewn from the Lee Valley chocolate mines, &c., nonetheless).

This may prove very handy for those of you seeking to i) get out of trouble in a hurry on the 13th; ii) lend a thin romantic veneer to inappropriately selfish gifts (golf clubs, power tools...) iii) bring delight to a whole stable of beloveds without breaking the bank. And so on and so on. Anyway, here's the flyer:

Although this is a blog-only deal, we do have something rather similar going on at the airport, so there ought to be a good bit of the very pink and fizzy doing Cupid's work on the 14th.

The traffic lights on the bottle change colour depending on how far your luck is in! Not really.

Here's a possible present for the Dublin-based and winey among you - take 'em along to the tastings reported by Bibliocook.

I'm off to the Salon des Vins de Loire in the company of esteemed colleague, M. Cyril Besnard, until Thursday and don't anticipate doing any blogging until then. But there should be plenty to report when I get back.