The best pizza in Baltimore?

No, not Baltimore, West Cork: Baltimore, Maryland, USA. This post on came to my notice because, as you may know, we import Erik Banti's wines and it's interesting to learn what people think of them, and have a look at a night out on the other side of the world. You never know when you might be in Baltimore and need a pizza. It would be a good thing indeed if some wine clubs closer to home (these could be very informal, dear reader) published the findings of an occasional night out or in, in a similar way. The increasing interest in this country in wine and food and the easy availability of instant reviewing media like LouderVoice &c. should go hand in hand. (Doubtless they already do and I just don't have the nous to find out about them. All corrections gratefully accepted.) Join an online wine club, but let it be the glass into which you pour the fruits of a real, flesh'n'blood wine club's labours. I realize not everyone wants their face on the www, but there must be a few who don't mind a very little publicity in a good cause. The Krewe of Cork are among the less shy, to judge by first appearances. And so, as the screw of Time releases the cork of Fate, and the wine of Destiny pours from the magnum of Eternity, it's over to you, Irish wine clubs, to join the wider conversation.