We now got ice wine. People get very excited about this stuff, first of all because it's very, very expensive; and secondly because 'ice wine' is a cool name, and easier to pronounce, even when it's Eiswein, than the names of many wines. Oh, and thirdly, it makes for pretty sublime drinking if you take the meditative rather than the in-flight refuelling approach to beverage enjoyment. I will keep updating this post until I'm finished with it, but at the moment we're kinda busy, and I just don't go as fast as my techno-trouser sporting fellow bloggers. Sorry. I look forward to providing you with the full SP in due course, but meanwhile here's the very rare and exotic Cabernet Franc version, which is very interesting: slightly savoury hints that you don't get with the white, and a more curranty acidity - perhaps not surprisingly, given the grape.main-image-cab-franc.jpg Here's the simply luscious Vidal, which smells and tastes of many of the good things I can think of, in no particular order and all at once at the same time.main-image-vidal.jpg/>