Spanish tasting in Cork, Thursday 25th September - Winecamp 0.1

I'm delighted to announce that we'll shortly be welcoming to Cork two gentlemen whose wineries have embraced blogging and the related ways of reaching new customers. There's some wine already in the post from them on its way to Bubble Brothers. This coming Thursday, 25th September, Emilio Saez van Eerd of Casa de las Vides and Javier Navarro from Tintoralba (earlier tasting summarized in this post) will be making a flying visit to us, and I'd like to give them and their wines as much publicity as possible. Check out the EWBC stuff on Vinus TV. The day's events have not yet been decided - but I think it would be great if as many blog and twit and wine folk as possible could come along to a leetle tasting here at the Marina on Thursday 25th. I've already had encouraging responses from a number of people, both on the wine side and in techno-trousers. I will update this post to let you know when and where, and of course whether, should it come to that. We ought to be able to make something happen. MONDAY Emilio is zooming around England so I haven't had his travel times to and from Ireland yet, but I'm thinking of in the afternoon, if that turns out to be possible. I will let you know. TUESDAY Samples have arrived! and I've just heard that the guys' flight arrives in Cork at 11 o'clock. So I think, allowing time for one thing and another, I'll open the bidding with a tasting time of 2.30pm. Please comment &c. if you'd prefer a different time.

Casa de las Vides wines