Smells like teen spirit

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All right, just a quick one before I go. Some of you will already have had a go at the 2007 vintage of Brightwater Vineyards' Sauvignon Blanc, from Nelson, New Zealand. Before it arrived, Valley Neale wrote to describe its
highly aromatic... very intense, what we refer to as a sweat or matchstick character. This particular character is a real highlight of Sauvignon Blanc and we don't get it every year. I find it really attractive and have been told that women find this particular character somewhat like a male pheromone and therefore very attractive. I have no scientific evidence of this of course to back it up!! The 2007 is still full bodied and very pungent with a long lingering finish just like the 2006. I think your customers who like our style of Sauvignon Blanc will not be disappointed at all. It is of course still in its infancy and should be drinking superbly in the next 2 to 3 months.
This analysis is pretty accurate, as you'd expect from someone at the heart of the winery. There's definitely something about the wine that smells as though it might just get the hormones racing: teen spirit rather than Teen Spirit (c) - very exciting, and set fair to keep the popularity of Brightwater increasing here through the year ahead. SuperValu were dishing out samples of the 2007 vintage of Nederburg's Sauvignon Blanc not so long ago: great at the price, if you like the pronounced aromatics of New Zealand or South African Sauvignon, but the alcohol was burny, which made the wine not entirely pleasurable on its own. With the right food - something creamy, maybe? - perhaps it'd be very impressive.