Short circuit forces wine merchant offline

The first social network I joined in Ireland was my local running club, as a friendly way to meet people and get involved in the community generally. A few miles down the road came races organized by the Cork Business Houses Athletic Association, with the existing benefits plus the chance to see some different scenery and be in with a chance of a prize now and again (randomly awarded spot prizes and team awards, not the unattainable ones given to the individual thoroughbreds).


On Sunday, I put on my shirt, which you may have shied away from at the Blog Awards if you had any sense, and, for the first time in more than six years (prompted by conscience, another birthday not so far off, the example of running bloggers and cajoling from old team-mates and running customers), lined up for a BHAA road race: three-and-a-bit miles round the edge of Mahon, mostly where it meets the water. Very scenic, agreeably flat, and on this occasion mostly windless and sunny. I managed about a mile before my ankle. packed. up. So most of the runners will have had the opportunity to associate the Bubble Brothers logo with dogged and sweary determination in the face of adversity as I hobbled home. Hooray for the anaesthetic qualities of adrenalin. Although the number of runners turning up for these events is two or three times what it was six years ago, the friendly support and encouragement of the running network is as strong as ever. Thank you, people who were nice to me on Sunday - I really appreciated it. I can't wait to mend the ankle, do some proper, sensible training and get back.