Search Engine Optimisation

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Here's a non-wine-related post serving only to take advantage of an enormously generous offer from Richard Hearne, SEO expert. He's asked for a bit of information about each of the bloggers nominated in the Irish Blog awards who wish to cash in on his generosity, which seems like a fair deal, and for a link back. Here is our information:
  • we're nominated in the Business Blog category;
  • the Bubble Brothers blog is principally about wine;
  • I don't really think about a target audience, though there is lots of fun we could have if the people worldwide who supply, buy or drink our wines became readers, or if our readers regularly drank our wines and could bring themselves to comment;
  • this blog began in summer 2006;
  • the domain is as old as the blog, though the company's main website has been around for a lot longer;
  • some of our competitors' addresses are here:
SEO wise, we don't actually have too much trouble, because we tend to have exclusive arrangements with our suppliers, and don't represent any megabrands, so anyone searching for our wines should find us quickly enough. All suggestions for what I should be worrying about, however, are welcome. I'd be a bit miffed if our position as leading-ish Irish wine blog were overtaken through the use of superior technological cunning. (I wouldn't mind at all being displaced by more interesting wine blogs, on the other hand. Bring 'em on!)