‘Deoch of Cornwall’ greets British royal visitors to English Market

You have to see the English Market

The British royal visit of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall to Cork this week brought out the good-natured, no-nonsense welcome that the city extends to visiting dignitaries, and after her own trip to Cork in 2011, Queen Elizabeth had told the Prince that he should not miss the English Market.
Staff at Bubble Brothers prepare for the arrival of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall during their royal visit to Cork's English Market, June 2018 Here are Ross and Frédérique, full of anticipation as the moment approaches.

Irish wine in the spotlight for royal visit

Once we knew there was a chance the visitors might call to Bubble Brothers, it was time to come up with some appropriate refreshment to offer. Since the Prince is Duke of Cornwall, the opportunity to add some Cornish wine to the shelves presented itself, and after some hasty communications and extra-curricular logistics, the very highly awarded ‘Cornwall’ Brut and ‘Cornwall’ Rosé Brut from Camel Valley, north-west of Bodmin, joined our selection of bubbles just in time. It's a bit spineless, though, to offer visitors only a taste of what they've travelled away from. Instead, a blend of English and Irish wine seemed like a good idea—spirit of reconciliation and what-not—and it just so happens that Wicklow Way Wines have recently added an Irish Raspberry Wine to their range, which we thought would make a fruity, lively match for the Cornish bubbles.

We'll have to come up with a name for it

That's how it turned out. The shimmering effervescence of the Camel Valley bubbly and the rich, aromatic raspberriness of the Móinéir went hand in hand to give an appealing and appetizingly tart combination fit for a prince. With an aptly blended name, the ‘Deoch of Cornwall’ for the new drink, and armed with a press release, we were all set.
Cornish and Irish emblems together for royal visit to Cork's English Market A judicious meeting of elements and a delicious blend of wines