Prosecco: not so much a grape, more a piece of land

I've just read this rather startling announcement in one of the newsletters we're subscribed to but struggle to find the time for:
Although by law it still has to be approved, expected for the end of June , producers are 99% sure that from the 2009 harvest onwards, the name Prosecco will become synonymous with a territory. The name of the grape will then change into Glera (an ancestor of the Prosecco grape). The classic sites for Prosecco (Conegliano, Valdobbiadene and Colli Asolani) will become Prosecco DOCG (Spumante and Frizzante). Prosecco DOC (Spumante and Frizzante) will be reserved for wines produced and bottled in a restricted area: all of Friuli and the provinces Treviso, Vicenza, Venezia, Padova and Belluno in Veneto. Prosecco IGT will no longer exist. Allowed yields will be limited, production proportions will change drastically. The remainder of stocks of Prosecco 2008 IGT and DOC can be sold as such.
I'm not sure Glera is a winning change for the name of the grape, though, in as much as it matters one toyota what the jotting grape is called. As a brand, 'Glera' wouldn't readily sell any goods that I can think of. Meanwhile, the hunger for the suffusing, solar glow that comes from apricating; yea, even unto a golden tan, in the mere word Prosecco continues rapacious. To which end, Bubble Brothers have recently made available such a wine. Get yer Bosca 5 star Prosecco here, bubble lovers, and all the sunshiny good feelings that come free with every bottle.