Plant ya now, dig ya later...

Ok, so here we are on the Bubble Brothers website and relishing the challenges of Wordpress. Why do something the easy way when you can make it much harder for yourself? I hope the technically adept among you are appreciative, or a little sympathetic, or something. I'm sure it'll be good for us in the long run. While we're settling in to the new space, you'll excuse my seeking a bit of comfort from the past with a couple of snaps of my old office at Annes Grove, a garden you should go to.

River Garden, Annes Grove

Walled Garden, Annes Grove

Of course gardening isn't all laughs. The Rare and Special Plant Fair was held at Fota last Sunday, and was wettish and coldish to say the least. Some of the prices seemed pretty rare and special too, but I suppose that's what people might say about our wines - and we don't even make those.

Rare and Special

Though if I'd had the time to linger at the stand you see pictured here, who knows...