Pink prosecco - Raboso Rosato Frizzante

We have been getting some very positive reactions to our 'pink Prosecco', which is made, not with Prosecco, but with the similarly late-ripening red grape, Raboso - the bottle below links to it in our web-shop.

pink fizz
It went down a storm at Taste of Cork, and was also the only wine on the tables at the official launch of Arun Kapil's Green Saffron spice business, which took place at Ballyvolane House last week. The silken vertical flags

shahi darbar on the lawn
that decorated the green lanes on the way to the event gave a suggestion of the opulence that lay ahead. I was too busy enjoying myself to spoil things by waving a camera around after that, getting a good wander through the gardens (which are open this coming Sunday 6th), but you can get more details on the actual eats from Bibliocook's review. The musicians showed effortless stamina, the rain held off after the torrents of earlier in the day, and the glamour was only mighty. Arun cut a dash in royal blue, and his enthusiasm for what he's doing was evident not only in his explanations of the ingredients, but in our eating of them. He has the best rice in town, that's for sure, though its price demands you treat it with respect. I wouldn't normally choose wine with spicy food, but I asked as many of the guests as I politely could what they thought of the Raboso, and their enthusiasm was unanimous. It's light, fruity, and the frizzante fizz keeps it going in your mouth along with food flavours. Also, it doesn't have the characteristic prosecco bitterness in the finish. So, a good, affordable, not-too-alcoholic (11%) choice for a selection of Indian dishes, and delicious on its own or with Taste of Cork sushi too, apparently.