One step forward and two steps back - no, not another dance post

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You may recall the difficulties that the French are having when it comes to allowing alcoholic drinks to appear on the otherwise entirely temptation-free interweb. I've put a post or two up about this already. The French government has just revealed a five-year plan for its wine industry.

Decanter, as usual, has the scoop: French government unveils sweeping changes to wine sector - - the route to all good wine

In respect of that tricky internet business, however, (though I should point out that the governmental body responsible for the report, the catchily named Viniflhor (sic) is duty bound not to oppose govermental policy (eg benighted laws about wine online) I'm taking the liberty (equality, brotherhood) of emphasizing, for the casual reader with an interest in such things, just how alert the old French gov. is to the importance of an online presence for its wine, this you-would-imagine significant commodity, at a time when French wine probably needs most of the help it can get.

They've thrown caution to the wind, don't care what anyone else thinks, and they've just gone right ahead with:
the proposal to establish a working group to study the issue
As so often before, nuff said. PS If anyone wants to make a logo/picture unmistakably showing a bottle of French wine with its head in the guillotine, that may be a marketable commodity if you know who to ask.