New, independent, Irish wine blog

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C'm'ere to me, Celtic Tigers! Just because you have an improved standard of living doesn't mean you have to swim out of your depth in the Lido of Loverly Language when it comes to describing your latest discovery in wine. is a new Irish wine blog (yay! two of us!) that aims to tell it like it is: "Why a new wine blog? Less Bull. More wine. Any excuse to drink more wine too." And it's independent - ie not trying to sell you things all the time. So, in the interests of balance, in the run-up to Christmas (I know the girls at the checkouts have already worn out the first lot of Santy hats) I will do my level best to sell you as much as I possibly can. A change from the advertised programme never did anybody any harm. Having used the word lido, here's an Ipswich link for the heritage-minded.