New Bubble Brothers bags

We have just taken stock of some big, strong (therefore re-usable), bio-degradable (could be worse), unmistakably purple plastic bags. These will allow our English Market customers to buy more bottles at a time than they have hands, which is good for us and them.

Bubble Brothers' new carrier bags The bag is a handsome enough thing to carry with you, as plastic carrier bags go, and because there's easily room for three or even four bottles, people who buy just one or two may choose to use the extra space for the rest of their English Market shopping and advertise our wine - champagne -more message around the place generally. The organ pipes of government will swell to the descant of twenty-two cent a bag over the harmonies already provided by pulling out the stops on excise duty and VAT. Then, when the bag's all used, the landfill people can take your money for burying something that, pretty soon, more or less won't exist. So everybody's happy.