More Big Wine Event

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We're booking our overseas guests in to their accommodation, we've got what ought to be some very welcome post-event eatin' lined up at the Ivory Tower, and we're doing our best to make sure everyone comes along on the day to try the wines we're so proud of. All those of you who can, please tell the fellow members of your micro-miniature-gauge railway modelling associations, crochet clubs, poetry circles &c. &c. to dust off the charabanc and get ready for a lively - and yet so civilized - evening out.

Also, and joking apart, this will be an ideal opportunity for club secretaries to organize a winning night out with next to no effort, as well as a chance for those responsible for corporate thank-yous and so on to wrap up a good chunk of the seasonal challenge in one go.

You can now get a look at the wines on offer when you follow the 'buy a ticket' link on our homepage. The picture of the ticket links to a .pdf list of the wines we expect to show.

I'm refraining from comment on the Fermoy bypass as much as possible, but I have to say I'm one feckless troglodyte subclass fare-dodger who's really looking forward to enjoying the magnificent 300 yard stand of Olearia just outside Watergrasshill when it comes into flower. The road less travelled and all that.

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