Mighty Malbec (and the New York Jets)

Well, if I end up doing no more than aggregating other people's hard work, it'll just go to remind y'all that we're only a small business and working hard ourselves doing what we do, as well as blogging about it.

And anyway, some people's hard work is so entertaining and informative: here's Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV and Jets fan - again - tasting the wines of Cahors, including one which has recently come in to stock here at Bubble Brothers, the Prince Probus 2003 from Clos Triguedina.

We also bought a few bottles of the medieval-stylee and very unusual Black Wine 2003, which is enriched and darkened by the cooking/drying of some of its grapes before vinification. Spittoon tasted the 2001 vintage. You can read Andrew Barrow's tasting notes here.

Clos Triguedina's most affordable Cahors is the Château de Flore. We've never had any trouble selling this, and the slightly lighter style of the 2002 vintage that's just arrived makes it all the more appealing to the (I generalize) Irish palate. If you buy a bottle, it's no bad idea to get it open well in advance of drinking, or even decant it if you can, and get it up to a comfortable room temperature so that all those layers of aroma and flavour become as pronounced as possible.

While I don't suppose we're going to have too many really hard winters in this part of the world for a while, these dark, deep reds are real warmers and just the thing for roasts and meaty stews - and if you want to buy them to keep, they're so judiciously balanced they'll probably still be in their prime when the next ice age starts to bite.