Menus saveurs d'été et Chinon rosé competition

UPDATE: video no longer available
So here it is, just for the fun of it: my entry to the competition, for which I am ineligible, mentioned in the previous post. We thought the rosé was terrific for the job, clean and with bright acidity; maybe not one for drinking on its own so much as an effective and refreshing food wine. Alan Davidson's terrific book deserves rather more by way of recommendation than my homely travesty of a great recipe, by the way. I apologize for the tiresome cheesiness of the titles. Inspiration can flag when you're obliged to use the nearest tools to hand.

What with not having much of a summer here, the recipe being Russian rather than Irish, and our not importing the rosé in question at the moment (though we have the loverly reds: here's one) - not to mention my cooking - the whole thing's a bit of a damp squib. Or just a bit of fun, depending on your point of view. Drink more rosé, people. Tinted specs on, please.