Market in Gear for Christmas Cheer

Uh-oh, 30th November and the 'C' word can no longer be avoided. Thankfully I’m saved the piped music of the festive season, but the English Market becomes a prime place to raise a sesonal glow as the holidays approach. It probably has a lot to do with the tonnes of turkeys and the usual associated buzz, but it may stem from it being Cork’s most venerated emporium of enjoyment, the doyen of Christmas excess. Perhaps it’s the cosmopolitan atmosphere or the chilly effect during cold snaps, bringing to mind any experience of our continental brethren’s Christmas markets. Truth be told, there isn’t yet the adrenaline-junkie’s smiling panic before the impending intensity, but it won’t be long before I start assigning use to every cubic centimetre of space and try to cajole people to queue from the same side.

Disclaimer; no apology for kitschy clichéed rhyming title.

On a commercial note, has everyone tried the light sparkling rosé Rabosa? It’s the pink sister of Prosecco; she’s fun, she’s bubbly, she’s popular and she’s cheap (not like that...she’s under €12)! First time I can’t keep a rosé in stock in November.

Austin @ the Market

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