Look! and taste!

I'm rather embarrassed, though nonetheless delighted, to have been asked by Niall Harbison to join the squad of wine bloggers recruited for Lookandtaste.com, which is still piping hot from the oven and very much in the news at the moment. It's an online food resource that uses film clips and, in fact, the whole panoply of audio-visual technology from abalone to zakuski, zucchini even, to engage its readers. If you go to the wine-y part, you can read my piece on a Thursday, and Frank, Laurence and Michael earlier in the week; so there's a variety of perspectives. Pigsybacking on the lookandtaste team's hard work is quite a privilege, but it does put some pressure on this blogger to stop sending out for pizza and start making my posts from locally sourced ingredients - or even grow my own. I resolve to try. Cyril Laudet's mouthwatering Gascon white is available here, of course.