Jolly good show


Bubble Brothers & Curious Wines & Karwig Wines

present the


- a Christmas wine extravaganza!

Good Wine Show Bubble Brothers are joining forces with Curious and Karwig's for two days in November to put on the wine event of the pre-Christmas season. On November the 13th and 14th, we'll be setting up shop together in Cork's Clarion Hotel to show off highlights from our carefully chosen wine lists, and welcoming the public - new and regular customers alike - to sample and buy. If you think shopping with any one of us is fun as it is, I hope you'll be very excited at the prospect of trying out well over a hundred wines drawn from the ranges of all three like-minded independent merchants under one roof. We'll be oozing out further details as November draws closer - for instance there'll be some special discounts during the event (naturally), and a handful of the region's specialist food producers will be showing off what they do in among the wines. Oh, and some of the wineries we represent will be sending people to Cork to join in and tell some first-hand stories about what you've got in your glass. It'll be an absolute blast. If you'd like to reserve a place Right Now This Minute, you can do so by following this link - we'll take your details (and your money), and tickets will follow as soon as they're ready.