It’s a matter of taste - you heard it here first!


We're beginning to get things well and truly under way for "The Big Wine Event", our public tasting on the 24th October. Here's an early version of a poster we'll be using, but please NB, because this is breaking news, hot off the press and so on, there isn't - yet - more information on This is the best place for the news as it happens...

Among the winemakers coming to Cork for the occasion are Italian Erik Banti, who "drove racing cars and played golf, collecting Italian awards and prizes on the race-track and the putting green<...> worked for Vogue and National Geographic, was a favourite on the film sets of Fellini and Zeffirelli travel agent, was the first to discover the Maldives and other exotic paradise islands", and Jan and Marian du Toit of Goedverwacht, our South African suppliers. We're also expecting a second visit from Brett Fleming, who called in just last week - here's my post - and jumped at the chance to show off the Australian wines he represents. I expect we'll be adding another name or two to the list in the coming weeks, though of course many of our European suppliers will be up to their necks in the 2006 harvest. Here's a photo from Erik Banti's website of last year's winemaking.

The aim of the event is to give people a chance to taste for themselves a wide range of the wines we import and get so excited about. We'll be opening, and answering questions on, a fair proportion of our two hundred-odd lines and, naturally, taking orders too.

I'd be really happy to see a few bloggers turn out for this one, of course. I'm sort-of toying with the idea of a blog-related feature for the occasion - it's become part of what Bubble Brothers do - but at the same time don't want to over-promise when there are only a coupla months to go. If anyone has any ideas at all, please let me know.

A few complimentaries for bloggers would be nice, I realize that (though even if you do buy a ticket, it'll be redeemable on a case purchase). Leave it with me.

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