Irish first for LouderVoice Android reviews application

Personally, I consider dishwashing machines and satellite television an uncomfortably athletic stone's throw beyond where I'm at with regard to technology: unreliable boasting apparatus for the uncontrollably affluent, something right-thinking people should steer well clear of if they don't wish to draw suspicion upon themselves, &c. &c. So I'm writing this post professionally, as an elderly dray horse of Irish Wine 2.0 trembling past the dog food factory on his way to deliver another load of online wine networking to his reader(ship). In which joyous spirit, I bring you the news that:
  • Bubble Brothers are delighted to be using the LouderVoice review widget on our site. Each of our products has a review box beneath it, which is linked to the LouderVoice site. Relevant reviews written in either place publish on both sites. This is effortlessly simple to install, use and maintain. Next time you drink a Bubble Brothers wine, just tap in your opinion underneath the product on our site, and help future customers to decide what's for them and what isn't.
  • LouderVoice are the proud publishers of the first Irish application for the Google Android phone, and it's one of the first reviewing applications for the platform anywhere. The application allows users to "... and reviews when you are out and about with your Android phone", which would undeniably be very handy.
Cathal Garvey's 'lightning review' pretty much explains what's going on, for not-just-talking phone initiates anyway:

It would be great to know that our customers could scroll through the assembled words-of-mouth provided by LouderVoice as well as - of course - talking to lovely old us in person. I can't begin to imagine the extreme cleverness of LouderVoice in coming up with this thing, and it is really a privilege to join the other hatchlings Roomex, (20,000 hotels), Puddleducks (outdoor gear specialists) and Klipsch (audio products) in the LouderVoice nest. Congratulations and thanks to Conor O'Neill for his enthusiasm and support (and toleration of the Luddite persuasion).