Intermezzo magazine

All you foodie folk are very slow off the mark if you haven't heard about Intermezzo, "Ireland's Premier Food, Wine and Travel Magazine". I am at long last getting around to writing about it chiefly because we get a big plug in the current, second issue, with a quarter-page article'n'picture of our Iki beer (incidentally opposite a piece about our neighbour and coffee buddy John Gowan.)

Intermezzo issue 2

But also, as such publications go, I recommend it generally too. It's got plenty of gloss and a sprinkling of relevant ads, but most of it is real content, with recipes: "over 50 fabulous" ones, and a clear Irish focus, though the contributors and breadth of knowledge are international. So buy a copy, or demand your newsagent stock it if they don't at the moment.

I know for a fact that the publisher has been doing some research of his own into just what it is that makes the old Iki beer so special. I hope Kevin and his fellow researchers will let us know what they've discovered, before too long. That is what this blog is for.