Independent wine blogging opinions

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It is very gratifying to get all our typing recognized as having some human character - one of the aims of the Bubble Brothers blog has always been to make the relationship between us and our customers as conversational and open as possible. Marie Boran, who writes about technology at the Irish Independent, gives Bubble Brothers a complimentary nod in the paper's periodic blog digest.

The other independent opinion I draw your attention to is the new and shiny website, complete with blog of "wine enthusiast and avid consumer" Robert Francis, Independent wine reviews from the West of Irelandwho is putting Galway on the map of Irish wine blogs with advice and recommendations based on his own discerning palate. While there are only so many hours in the day, it's useful to be able to get the breaking news about this kind of thing from Twitter. I wouldn't have known about the Independent piece otherwise, and it's been my chief means of keeping an eye on Robert Francis Wine before the site's formal launch.