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japanese lass in the nip

We've been selling quite a bit of iki beer just lately, what with the sporadic sunshine and everything. This is a distinctively different, not to mention stylish way to refresh and reward yourself after a hard day's whatever, and of course it's a little more expensive than some other yellow beers. But they don't have healthy, wrinkle-reducing, free radical-busting green tea in them; and they sure as eggs is eggs don't have yuzu fruit, whose astonishing powers you'll have to discover for yourself. Here's the clincher, though: none of the competition has an ikipedia Drink deep at the fountain of iki that you can download for free. (Correct me if I'm wrong). Just slip on your kimono and nip over to the iki beer website, where you'll find the link to all things ikipedic. And of course you can buy this delicious and rejuvenating beverage by the case from Bubble Brothers.