How to open a screwcap bottle…

Not a great challenge, you might think. But this morning I was at a Wine Australia tasting hosted by John McDonnell of Wine Australia Ireland and Martin Moran, MW, and besides having a look at Sauvignon Blancs and Shirazes that didn't fit the stereotype, we also talked about screwcaps. I heard something so screwy a) it could only be true, and b) it was bound to be on YouTube. The art of the sommelier as prestidigitator need not die with the use of cork to stopper wine bottles. To set the mood, because this one's in France, I should repeat that the last time I even approached the topic of changing from cork to screwcap with one of our French suppliers, he nearly decked me. Get this:

and here are two English guys who mention the same absurdity towards the end of the video:

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