GrowBakeCook awards - standing room only

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On Sunday - yesterday - it was a privilege and an honour &c. to sponsor the wine at the inaugural GrowBakeCook awards ceremony, held at Cork Coffee Roasters' shop in Bridge Street, Cork. The award seeks to recognize and promote the excellence of hitherto unacknowledged food folk in a spirit of companionable rivalry, though I understand judging was as serious and strict and heated as anyone could wish for. There was also some excitement as the winner of's cupcake competition was announced (scroll down till you see 'em). Congratulations to Liz Slattery. The very hard work of all those involved - my immediate contacts were Elke O'Mahony and Dianne Curtin - paid off in an intimate, friendly event in the hippest coffeeshopperia in town. Here's the view from behind the counter: GrowBakeCook1 And here's the view from the public end: GrowBakeCook2 You can see at the back, L-R, Elke, Dianne, Declan Ryan of Arbutus Bread (judge), Mlle LeCafé, Hilary from Fáilte Ireland (sponsor), and... after that I'm struggling, but you're welcome to declare yourself if you're in the picture and would like a rec. Anthony Cresswell of Ummera contributed some delicious fare to the occasion, helped out with tables and so on at the preceding food fair in Patrick Street, and took some good pictures too. Chris Brack, the winner of this first competition, is the man to go to if you fancy a splash of gooseberry curd, or rhubarb and elderflower jam, or rocket and walnut and something-else pesto. You should see his picture in the Echo soon enough.