Good Wine Show in the frame

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The Good Wine Show is hurtling down the runway. Look out. Good Wine Show.jpg Last week the chiefs of staff of Bubble Brothers, Curious Wines and Karwig Wines and various of their aides-de-camp assembled outside the Cork Bonded Warehouse for a photo-shoot intended to yield something eye-catching for the papers. Good Wine Show.jpg The very professional and efficient hard work of photographer Gerard McCarthy (087-853-7228) produced a selection of photographs pleasing to all three companies and their PR representatives. Good Wine Show pic25.jpg We all listened carefully for the oystercatcher to cackle thrice, indicating the shot that should go across the road to the Irish Examiner. You may have seen that one printed in the edition of Thursday 29th October. While we eagerly anticipate the unveiling of the wholly renovated Karwig Wines website, you can get the Curious perspective from Matt Kane writing the Curious Wines blog. Blake Creedon, who will be back posting fun and guff here before you can say trapstick has mentioned us on his blog, too. Good Wine Show pic40.jpg And I'll do my level best to keep you loosely in touch with developments here. The main thing you should do is head over to and buy yourself a ticket while there's still time. It's not every day that three companies in the same line of business work together like this. If you're not so sure about us, come along and compare us with the other two. If you do think we're pretty good at what we do, imagine how hard we'll all be trying with a brace of our principal rivals just across the room. A bona fide, copper-bottomed win-win for the customer. But you do need to buy a ticket and come along. Take-off is, as I suggested, imminent.