No, not more Jimi Hendrix - not that sort of feedback - rather, the conversation with our customers that is one of the incentives to keep the old blog glowing in the grate. We recently, and without much fanfare, as you will understand, increased our handling charge, which applies to orders smaller than twelve bottles, to €25. This was partly because we're all under huge pressure of time and making up a small order with a minimal shipping cost can be hard to justify alongside some of our other priorities; partly in an attempt to encourage people to buy full cases from us (some of our competitors just don't do less than a case); and partly because it's hard to find a fair way to charge for shipping, and we had to do something. I wonder if anyone has a view on this. One customer, who wrote to us yesterday seeking an explanation of the increase, did. What would be a fair way to do this? How much would you pay to have, say, six bottles of wine delivered, with a prompt (usually next day) service? Feedback on the product itself is good too. You can use LouderVoice for this, and we're trying to make it easier for you with the text-to-web developments there.