Dublin for the subcontinent

If I can make the necessary transport arrangements - one of the Bubble Brothers helicopters is in for a service at the moment, which doesn't help - I'll be attending a meal in Dublin next Monday with several of the Irish blogistocracy and Chris Smith from Stormhoek. On almost every topic that might come up, I'm going to be way out of my depth, so the plan is to smile and nod and roll with the punches. I had a gig with Ian Date at the weekend and I think the same strategy, in similar circumstances, kinda worked there. However, before I set all the dials to bland, I'm delighted to have the opportunity to twang some copyright strings and reproduce this newspaper clipping, whose context I now forget. If you designed or published it, please let me know. I'll take it down at once if required, but more importantly I can say thanks for making a point so drolly. It was probably the Guardian all right.

Keep Curry British

If you're wondering why I'm there at all, well, Stormhoek is the bloggers' wine of choice - they're sponsoring some bottles on the night - and Bubble Brothers (whose blog of darkness I acknowledge mine) are wine importers. You may, if you wish, do, as they say, the math. We haven't, completely, yet, but you may be sure it's on the menu.