Currying favour with a glass of Stormhoek

Update: Arun from Green Saffron has commented on my earlier post about this. He'd like all Curry Two-ers to know what he does. A pity he wasn't with us to pitch. Curry 2.0 turned out to be a great beano entirely, and it's only because all the night owls and early birds who attended are starting to pull up the worms - Conor and Dennis both have posts up already - that I'm throwing a few words together to make it look as though I'm all efficient and techno-trousered too. Thanks indeed to Paul Walsh of Segala for hosting the event. I came away with a heap of business cards and, for a change, I fully intend to follow up some of the great ideas and possible initiatives they represent. I was so busy talking that I missed out on one or two of the very fine dishes on offer. And so busy thinking as I drove home that I ended up taking the scenic diversion to Cork. The road less travelled, ahem. If any of those present have any comments on the WINE that was drunk, please let me know. I'm sure Chris Smith from Stormhoek would be very interested to know what you thought. And in case you're feeling timid, just count yerselves lucky I wasn't doing a vox pop at the end of the evening: