Choya Umeshu and Bubble Brothers

Dear readers, Konnichi wa On Monday we received a visit from Mister Hiroshi Nishioka, the Managing Director of CHOYA UMESHU, the German based company through which we import Japanese products ranging from Sake, Shochu and Dento Umeshu to original Plum Wine. It was a really interesting meeting to speak about how to develop Choya products in Ireland with appropriate marketing support and new cocktail ideas. Furthermore, it was Mr Nishioka's first visit since the beginning of the partnership in 2007 between Bubble Brothers ??? ????? and CHOYA UMESHU Germany. We were really pleased to welcome him and show him our offices and what we do as a busy Cork wine merchant. On the second day, I was invited by Mister Nishioka for dinner. We had a nice bouillabaisse next to the Lee and then decided to go for a dessert in Wagamama ???? . The place was overcrowded and we enjoyed a white chocolate cheese cake and a kudamono fruit salad with a glass of Choya plum wine. Valérie et Hiroshi I had the occasion to have a left-hand teacher who taught me how to use the Japanese chopsticks and I really must say that I can use them perfectly now. It was also the opportunity for me to learn more about the Japanese alphabet that he kindly explained me. A cocktail idea: Choya plum wine spritzer with apple juice spritzer and crushed ice... delicious. Sayonara Valérie ?????