Cahors wine tasting dinner at Fenn's Quay, Cork

I think the poster more or less says it all, but we're delighted to welcome Jean-Raymond Clarenc of Clos Triguedina to Cork once again: he was here last autumn to speak to one of the Cork wine clubs, when a great time was had by all - though I couldn't attend, and the camera I sent along declined to work. Clos Triguedina wines in Cork I did put up a post a while back when Gary Vaynerchuk tasted one of the Triguedina wines, though; and closer to home, you can enjoy the podcast that resulted from Malbec enthusiasts having a chat with Cahors fan The dark, dry Malbec-rich wines of the estate seem particularly reassuring and fortifying as winter approaches, and we were very happy to welcome the participation of Kevin Crowley at Fenn's Quay Restaurant in Cork city. His passion for what he is doing is obvious, and we're looking forward to a very enjoyable meander through half a dozen of Clos Triguedina's wines accompanying a selection of Kevin's finest food to match. Call the restaurant direct if you'd like to make a booking for next Wednesday, 19th November. I think I'll be having a little competition for a free ticket or two. If you've already booked and then win, so much the better. Belt and Malbeccy braces.