Café Mao / iKi beer competition!


Konichi wa, possums! We have a very tasty competition for you.

As you may know, Bubble Brothers are the Irish importers of iKi beer, the beer with not only


but also

iki beer - the beer with green tea in it

in it.

The increasing demand for this stylish refreshment means that we are now delighted to be supplying Café Mao, who have three branches in and around Dublin: Chatham Row in the centre, Dundrum shopping centre and on the seafront in Dun Laoghaire.

Please sir, can I have some Mao?

Young Paddy Mao!

Please sir, can I have some Mao?

I should think that iKi would be a very welcome addition to their range of beverages, which you can see on the pdf of the Dublin menu, available here or from the little comrade above. And while you're smacking your lips over that, consider the

competition question:

Using what you know about iKi beer and Café Mao, leave a comment telling us which dish on the menu would make the best match for iKi, and why.

We have vouchers for a meal for two, including iKi beer(s), at Café Mao - one voucher for each branch. We'll give them to the most imaginative or amusing answers (in the opinion of Bubble Brothers and the Mao team).

Good luck!

(and please spread the word to anyone else!)