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I'm making progress with the deck-clearing, and at long last the Big Wine Event stuff will begin to emerge from this Saturday onwards. Here's an atmospheric photo as a taster:

Donal took some great shots with the new low-light Canon and I'll be putting those up alongside our own, just to remind you how very good his are. If you're reading, Donal, we are going to send a thank-you, for collection at the English Market shop, very very soon.

I finally got around to finding a site that will allow me to salt and pepper the wine stuff with 'on this days' from jazz-land. Nice. Today is one heck of a day for jazzy birthdays:

Arguelles, Steve - 1963
Condon, Eddie - 1905
Handy, W.C. - 1873
Krall, Diana - 1964
Sumlin, Hubert - 1931

and that's only the more famous ones, sorry no time for links. Lotta candles burning tonight.

The gift-buying public at present mostly seems to be interested in our improved and expanded range of packaging. How are they finding us? Some ad hoc searches with the terms you might think of on Google: wine, packaging, box, Ireland, &c. &c. didn't put us very near the top at all. Not that we're going to give up on the excellent wines and champagnes, but it makes you think.

I'm also planning to e-mail the other Irish wine importers, merchants, journalists and so on and ask them if they would ever find five minutes to join me out here in the wilderness. If you know of any other Irish wine blogs, please tell me quickly, so I don't embarrass myself.

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