Bubble Brothers Big Wine Event

Just a quick update on how it's looking on the bright and sunny morning of our Big Wine Event.

Jean-Marie Rimbert and Patrick Van Den Driessche, our French visitors, arrived yesterday and enjoyed a nightcap with our own Godefroy Baijot, so they're accounted for.

Pablo de las Heras had some trouble with his flight, but kept on trying, re-routed via Dublin, and just rang to let me know that he has arrived safely at Kent Station.

Let's hope ex-racing driver Erik Banti took our advice about how long it takes to drive from Dublin, where he stayed last night, and Cork. We look forward to seeing him later on.

Brett Fleming should have got in to Cork late last night.

The Bubble Brothers crew are all present and correct and ready to go. Apparently the room at the Clarion looks great. I was going to try and blog through the day, but it's not going to happen.

Yous'll just have to come along for yourselves - we will be selling tickets at the door from 5pm onwards.

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