Bodega Tintoralba - how to get your winery noticed

I finally managed to put up a post about our tasting of Bodega Tintoralba's deep, dark wines, and now Emilio from the bodega has kindly acknowledged this in a post about his hopes and intentions in setting up the Tintoralba blog. As you'll see from my comment, I'm all for it. I know that maintaining a blog is not for everyone, but it seems to me the ideal way for a winery (other export businesses, too, of course) to give their target markets an idea of what they're really like and how they do things.

This is old hat, I know, for the web-aware; but there are plenty of my suppliers who would be very grateful for the chance to get some free straight-talking advice from the world beyond the vines, and haven't a clue how to get it.

Also it might give a few hours' gainful copy-translating employment to any native English speakers in their neighbourhood who can carry a phrase. As I've said before, such people do exist, and I'm tired of picking through the muddy, bony pike flesh of badly translated marketing materials to see if there's anything worth eating.

As it were.