Blogday 2007

Here are five blogs for your perusal, as per the annual passing on of wisdom that is Blogday. I haven't had all that much time for reading what other people have been writing, so this is rather a hasty assembly of the more and the less usual. First of all, I'm re-recommending that you go over and say hello at The Natural Foods Bakery, just a half a mile from Bubble Brothers' Wine Depot. You can see what's on offer by getting a pdf of the menu from our links page. I think soup might be added to the list as winter approaches. Tell 'em if you think this is a good idea, if so which flavours, &c. &c. In case you think this is too much of a recycled link, you can visit to find out more about her exhibition, which has just been installed on the Bakery's premises. She's just started a blog, too - you can copy the feed from the site. I've been keeping half an eye on P.P. le Moqueur's blog. I'm not pretending my French is nimble enough or culturally up-to-date enough to really get the whole iceberg, but the occasional thing grabs me, like this, about Proust's madeleines. The London Review of Breakfasts does just that. I'm reasonably sure file-sharing music is wicked and so on, isn't it? But browsing for soul food to eat brought me here, to Djalma's Soul Food, which has many an interesting link for things rare and groovy to listen to. And here is some crisp, dry and refreshing stuff from a current vintage. I will be following this one, I think.