Big Wine Event - Bodegas Pingón

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OK, here's the first batch of photos from the Wine Event. Pablo de las Heras missed his connecting flight in London and had to make a superhuman effort to get to us on time. But he made it to Cork in the end, and kept smiling right through the day. He showed three of his delicious Ribera del Duero reds and made plenty of new fans for the bodega's Carramimbre range.

When we all repaired to the Ivory Tower later on, Pablo presented us with a bottle of Pingón's Altamimbre. This is an indescribably luscious and moreish wine, but too expensive and scarce for us to stock, I think.

It was great to get the direct feedback as people sniffed and swirled. Great if they liked the wine, great if they didn't. This sort of reaction is what really helps us to find out how to go ahead. A bit like comments on the blog, ahem. The more the better. Billy and I did a tasting of Languedoc wines for the parents' association of the Cork School Project last Friday, and it was just invaluable to talk informally to people about what they thought of the wine as they tried it. Fair play and thank you to all those present for their straight talking - a great time had by all.

Today's jazz birthdays are Dr John (pictured) and Coleman Hawkins.
Remind me to pass on Sheila Ferguson's soulful sausage biscuit recipe.

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